Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I would really like to add some personal touches to my wedding without breaking my budget. What are some DIY projects that I can do for my special day?

A.  Today, many of our clients want to incorporate DIY projects into their weddings.  Often cost is the major reason the couples may tackle DIY projects, but it is also a way of adding your special and personalized touches to your wedding.  Depending on the style and design of your wedding, there are many DIY projects from which you can choose.  The most popular DIY projects are programs, invitations, menu cards, table numbers and favors.  And for the crafty bride or groom, there are even more opportunities to let your guests know that you were a part of the wedding design process. However, try not to take on too much or start projects too close to the wedding.  This can cause serious wedding stress.

Q. What is a signature drink and should I have one?

A. A signature drink is a specialty cocktail that is selected by the couple that can be served during your wedding reception. Couples may choose to incorporate a signature cocktail to the festivities for a number of reasons. It could be used to carry out the wedding theme or it may be a specialty cocktail from the happy couple’s favorite restaurant. It could even be used to help cut back on the cost of a bar by only offering beer, wine and a signature cocktail. Whatever the reason, it will be sure to create a buzz among your guests!

Q. Do you run wedding related errands on the day of the event?
A.  Running wedding related errands on the day of the event is not included in any of our services.  We want to make sure that your wedding day goes as smooth as possible and require that we stay on-site to manage logistics and overall management of the wedding. However, we do provide concierge service at an additional price for clients needing errand service, etc.

Q. I recently got engaged and I already have a huge to-do list swirling about in my head. What should be top priority on my list? OR are there any parts of my wedding that I can tackle prior to hiring a wedding planner?

A. Well, you’re definitely in the right place! Hiring a wedding planner is a great way to organize and prioritize your wedding tasks. However, there are some things that can be done prior to hiring a planner. The top three things you can do are:  (1) develop the guest list; (2) pick a wedding date; and (3) develop your wedding budget.

Q. I have interviewed several wedding planners and while their services may be similar, their prices are very different.  Can you explain this, please?
A. There are many wedding planners in the Washington Metropolitan Area.  Usually experience, years in business, and level of services provided may differentiate the fees of the planner.